Stay Secure- VoIP

Voice calls over the internet have become almost ubiquitous with software such as Skype, Discord, and even Facebook Messenger supporting it. Before all of those, however, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, was the first method of voice communication across the internet. There are some dangers inherent to VoIP usage, however, and we're going to discuss them here:

  • Telemarketing: This practice is very commonly done through VoIP systems, and can use digitized voice along with software to spam call thousands of phones. While often they may be selling legitimate products and services, they may also be scams meant to get your financial information.
  • Spoofing: VoIP scammers may spoof their number to appear identical to that of your bank or other institution which holds your sensitive information. NEVER give out this type of details over the phone.
  • Corporate Espionage: VoIP systems can be exploited to eavesdrop on conversations that may be happening on the other end with out the involved party knowing. This is most commonly done by and to corporations, although it can be done to anyone with a VoIP system. Always make sure your camera and microphone are unplugged or turned off when not using them.

Remember, scammers can keep and distribute any information they find, so avoid any breaches.


Stay Safe. Stay Secure.