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iTunes Scam

York Information Security has received reports of fraudulent emails purporting to be someone you know asking for iTunes gift cards. Do not respond to the email, text message, or phone call. If you believe that you fell victim to the scam, please contact Security Services at ext. 33333 or email scc@yorku.ca. For more information, please […]

New Scam/Phishing email. Beware!

Dear User, Your mailbox has exceeded the storage limit which is 20GB as set by your administrator,you are currently running on 20.9GB, you may not be able to send or receive new mail until you re-validate your mailbox. To re-validate your mailbox click the link below. http://***l/e8ll6 Thanks You, YORKU.CA System Administrator. Warning!!! Any account […]

York Targeted Phishing Attack. Please DO NOT respond.

Do not respond to the following email. The URL may look like you are visiting a York email site but it's a phish-site.The "phishing" email looks like the following: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------Original Message------ From: York University Information Services Sender: marie.h@clear.net.nz To: -@1.l ReplyTo: no-reply@yorku.ca Subject: York IT Service Centre Sent: 26 Apr 2012 21:21 York University […]

York U Phishing Email Reported. Do NOT respond!

Do NOT respond to the following email. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject:¬†¬†Important notice for York Email Service users Attention: York Email Service users. This message from University Information Technology (UIT) Help Desk is for York Email Service users. We are currently conducting a maintenance exercise, which is meant to upgrading our database and e-mail account center. This exercise […]

Beware of another suspicious email purported to be from Royal Bank

sample email: ------------------------------------------ Dear Valued Customer, We noticed invalid login attempts into you account online from an unknown IP address. "" Due to this, we have temporarily suspended your account. We need you to update your account information for your account to be re-activated please update your billing information today by clicking here www1.***/cgi-bin/rbaccess After […]