Stay Secure- Online Auctions

Hope you're having a great Friday, York! To continue from our last post, let's talk about online auctions.

Websites like eBay allow us to host auctions on any item we wish in the digital space, but with this practice come risks as well.

  • Unknown sellers: Anyone can set up an auction online. Only bid on auctions that have a reputable seller with a history of positive reviews and realistic recommendations.
  • Using third-party payments: If directly transferring money by Paypal or other services, the seller may simply refuse to send the item and delete their account.
  • Fraudulent Item: The seller may falsely represent the condition, features, or value of the item they are selling. Always remember to do your personal research when buying online, and do not blindly trust a seller's description.

Hope you remember these tips as you shop online, and remember:

Stay Safe. Stay Secure.