Cyber Security for Researchers

In recent years, all aspects of human life have become more and more dependent on the internet. This level of growing dependency for all purposes has led to a considerable number of cybercrimes resulting in innovative and dynamic attacks. Universities, in recent years, have not been immune to these incidents and Higher Education (HE) institutions are increasingly prone to cyberattacks as threat actors target the wealth of personal, financial, research and intellectual data universities possess.


Advice for Researchers


Best Practices for Working Remotely

Adjusting to working from home is new for many of us and one of the changes is that normal cybersecurity protections that apply when working on York University's campuses are no longer protecting you.


What to Do In the Event of Theft, Loss or Unauthorized Use of Confidential Research Data

A data security breach occurs when there is a loss or theft of, or other unauthorized access to, sensitive personally identifiable information that could result in the potential compromise of the confidentiality or integrity of data.

Anyone at York University who knows or suspects that their confidential research data has been lost, stolen or used inappropriately is advised to report the incident to for immediate assistance.