Stay Secure- Smartphones

Happy Tuesday, York University! Hope you didn't get fooled yesterday!

Today's topic is one that is relevant to the vast majority of us- smartphones. While these miniature computers are capable of more processing than normal computers could twenty years ago, this makes them vulnerable to hacking attacks, just like PCs. Combined with a smartphone's portability and other unique features such as Near-Field Communication, it has become an important target for hackers.

  • All the regular threats: Smartphones are ubiquitous in our society, perhaps even more so than PCs now. This means that a lot of malware has begun to focus on attacking these devices. Phishing and other such techniques are all still present in smartphones.
  • Creative techniques: The portability of smartphones has made the need for wifi much stronger. Unfortunately, hackers capitalize on that need by setting up unsecured wifi hotspots in public areas, through which they can collect personal and sensitive data. Always make sure you are connected to the correct wifi network when in a public area, and if a network is unfamiliar, do not connect.
  • Or... back to the basics: Smartphones are small, valuable, and always on our person. This makes them the prime targets for theft. What's more, once your phone is stolen, the thief has access to all information on it that is not secured. Always make sure your phone is stored safely away from the reach of thieves, and if your phone is stolen, immediately change the passwords on all accounts stored on the phone.

We all use our phones, so let's keep them safe!

Stay safe. Stay secure.