Stay Secure- Online Shopping

Hey York! Today we'll be talking about a topic near and dear to many people's hearts these days:
Online Shopping.

While security has greatly improved over the past few decades in terms of online shopping, there still remain many risks, which can manifest in different forms of phishing or malware. So what are these risks exactly?

  • Pharming: As we discussed in our previous post, scammers may set up fake websites to steal personal information from users. This scam can appear in the form of retail websites, and trick users into entering their credit card information. This information can be used to commit identity theft or simply use the funds available on the card.
  • Hidden Fees: While not completely a scam, unscrupulous sellers may often avoid mentioning the cost of fees that can be significant, such as shipping, international duties, and service. These fees will be subtracted from the bank account given, but the user will not be informed about it.
  • Untrustworthy Seller: Some retail websites, especially ones with little traffic or ones based overseas, may simply fail to deliver the product or service they are paid for. Since it is often difficult to track down companies which are small or based in other countries, these scammers rely on their relative anonymity to continue stealing from consumers.

Beyond just online retail shopping, there is a whole slew of dangers tied to online auctions we will be discussing soon. Thank you for reading, and remember:

Stay Safe. Stay Secure.