I switched/upgraded my phone and the Duo Mobile app does not work.

If you upgraded or changed your phone and you do NOT have your old device, please contact askit@yorku.ca or your local IT support group for assistance and do not proceed with the instructions below.


If you still have your old device, please read through:

Step 1. Go to Manage My Services and log in to Passport York

** If you enabled the "Remember me" setting, access https://mms.yorku.ca in incognito mode.


Step 2. In the Duo Prompt, Click on My Settings and Devices¹ to access the Self-Service Portal, then Click Send Me a Push² to authenticate and access the Duo portal.



Step 3.  Approve the pending Push request on your old device.


Step 4. Click on Device Options³ next to the device you want changed.



Step 5. If this is a new phone with the same number, click Reactivate Duo Mobile4. (For new phone with a new number, click on the trash can and then click on +Add another device.)



Step 6. Select your phone type and click Continue.



Step 7. Install the Duo Mobile app on your phone and click I have Duo Mobile installed.



Step 8. Scan the barcode with the app's built-in barcode scanner.



Step 9. The "Continue" button is clickable after you scan the barcode successfully.



Step 10. Click on Back to Login.


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