Phish Alert - Server Migration/Account Protection Exercise Notification

The email below is a phishing attack. If you see it in your inbox, please report it using the Phishing Button!


York University | Information Technology Services

York - Server Migration / Account Protection Exercise Notification:

To: York Faculty & Staff Email Account Users

Server Migration/Account Protection Update:

A request has been opened on your behalf with the information below;
ticket[#: GL-0347429] with subject "[#: GL-0347429]--York Account Migration/Protection Exercise"

York Information Technology Services will be Updating / Migrating Email Account Symantec Endpoint Protection Communication to a new SPAM filtering service which will improve the new Barracuda Spam Firewall Email Security Overview and the ability to identify and block Spam/Phishing attempts automatically and other undesirable messages that flood our email system on a daily basis. This is due to a massive spam attack we received recently which lead to the closure of some York InCommon (Comodo) SSL / Email Accounts. In the meantime, we are shutting down the main server and we should be moving all York active accounts to our backup server and we need your help to do this effectively otherwise your account will not be included in the new interface and you may lose your login information and data when the main server comes back alive.

York Account Users may see the Symantec Endpoint Protection Windows notification pop-up during
the switch kindly ignore.

Who will be impacted?
All York Faculty & Staff Email Accounts Users.

What is required:
You are to confirm your York Email Account Login Details as requested below for Migration, Quarantine Exercise and Protection against SPAM by clicking your reply button and replying to this email with your active York login details as follows. (This will confirm your York Account login/usage Frequency): Please be informed that we will deactivate and delete any York Email Users Account that do not adhere to this notice as part of our
(Inactive Accounts | Barracuda Spam Firewall | Email Security Overview) clean-up process to enable service upgrade efficiency.

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