Stay Secure- Botnets

Although the malware we are focusing on today is quite ubiquitous, it is likely you never heard of it. It's even possible your computer has already been infected. So how come it's so unknown?

Botnets are a type of malware which does not always manifest in very obvious ways to users. This malware has self-propagating means: it could be designed to email itself to the entire contact list of every computer that gets infected. Its intent is usually that of information collection, which can later be sold. Botnets are capable of being programmed to do anything the hacker designs, however. Some may delete information or even send sensitive information to a user's entire contact list.

In order to avoid downloading a botnet in the first place, and subsequently find if any are installed, it's important to:

  • Keep an antivirus installed and consistently updated on all devices.
  • Avoid downloading files and clicking on links from emails you do not recognize.
  • If a friend's email address social media account sends a suspicious file/link, talk to them and find out if they are the original sender.


Stay Safe. Stay Secure.