New Enhancement on Passport York to Improve Password Security

The increasing number of data breaches has raised the importance of being vigilant with our online accounts.  Data breaches and system compromises impact not only the targeted organizations but also other institutions where people have access to computing resources and sensitive data.

To ensure the safety of the York data asset, UIT Information Security has added a new enhancement to Passport York (PY).  The new enhancement will remind PY users of previously used passwords and prompt for a new one during the password reset process.  This new security feature will prevent cybercriminals from leveraging passwords obtained from externally compromised systems to steal University data.

Remembering passwords is never easy.  But, with the current limit of 128 characters in a password, memorizing a strong password is much easier.  UIT Information Security recommends using a short sentence, quote, or short poem, for example, “this is my time”, “the way must be tried” or “Tentanda Via”.