"Copyright Infringement" Notice Being Sent by UIT Information Security

UIT Information Security will be sending out the following email (from abuse@yorku.ca) to affected York community members. This is a legitimate email. There will also be an attachment that outlines the complaint.

Subject: Notice of copyright infringement related to your Internet activity (username: xxxxx)

York University has received a notice from a content owner that alleges an act
of copyright infringement from an Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to you
at the time of the alleged infrigement. York is required by law to let you know
that we have received this notice.

Content owners that hold intellectual property rights for material such as movies,
music and other content, actively monitor the internet to protect their rights.
They then send notice to York when a York IP address has been associated with a
possible copyright infringement.

The unaltered notice is reproduced below. It states the time of the alleged infringement, the IP address and details of the content that was  allegedly copied.

Having received an infringement notice, the Copyright Act requires York
University to:
(1) forward the infringement notice to you;
(2) notify the content owner that York has forwarded the notice to you; and
(3) retain this record for 6 months (or 12 months if court proceedings
are commenced).

Important Points:
- York has not provided your identity or contact information to the content
owner and will not do so unless required to by a court order or other
legal process.

- Content owners monitor various sharing services and websites and
inform us when a
York IP address has been associated with a possible copyright
York is not involved in this monitoring process.

- The notice sets out the content owner.s position. York does not
evaluate the
legitimacy of the notices it receives from content owners. York
merely forwards
the notices it has received as is required by Canadian law. York does
not endorse
or support the allegations, claims or remedies contained in the notice.

- You are not obligated to respond to the notice.  For more information
on why
you received this notice visit:

- Any user of the York University network, including students, staff or
who copy content from the Internet in breach of copyright should
expect to
receive a copyright infringement notice. As a reminder, you are
responsible for
your use of network connections and are required to adhere to York
policies, regulations and guidelines. Review the Policy on Computing and
Information Technology Facilities here:

Copyright compliance is a legal requirement.  For more information about
Notice and Notice provisions of the Copyright Act visit Industry
Canada.s website:
http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/oca-bc.nsf/eng/ca02920.html and
the Copyright Act (note Sections 41.25-26):

Thank you for your cooperation.

York UIT Information Security

Please direct any questions or concerns to UIT Client Services -
email: askit@yorku.ca or visit https://askit.yorku.ca

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