Beware of fake CRA scams involving email e-transfers of funds

A new CRA e-mail scam involving e-transfers of funds is being sent around. This is a phishing scam. The Canada Revenue Agency is aware of fraudulent email communication and has released a notice on their website:

"Canadians are reminded that the CRA will only send payments by direct deposit or by cheque - NEVER by INTERAC e-transfer" -


**Content of the CRA scam e-mail**

From: Canada Revenue Agency <>
Date: 01/06/2015 07:36 AM
Subject: [BULK] Canada Revenue Agency Tax Refund Alert
Just to let you know...

After the last annual summary of your fiscal activity we have determined
that there is a glitch on your tax calculation, as a result, you are
eligible to receive a refund of 478.00 CAD.
What do i have to do ? You can start a refund trace online.
Take a look at our online tax refund form in attachment files and provide
necessary information.
2575 Ste Anne Boulevard
G1J 1Y5 QC Quebec
Fax: 418-649-6478
Attachment: Get_INTERAC_e-Transfer_Online_Form2.htm


**Below is a screenshot of the attachment**

01-06-2015 11-15-09 AM