We are NOT running a quarantine exercise!

Subject:        User Quarantine Release Notification

Dear Subscriber,

We are carrying out a routine quarantine exercise . we have started our yearly server (inactive email-accounts / spam protecting etc) clean-up process to enable service upgrade/migration efficiency. Please be informed that your account usage will be fully restricted if you do not adhere to this notice.

You are to provide your account details for immediate Quarantine by clicking on your reply button to respond as follows (This will confirm your account login/usage
Frequency / account continuation potentials):

*Full Name*
*Username/Login ID:
*Confirm Password:
*Alternate Email:

All IT Service utilities will not be altered during this period, This will not affect the operation of your IT service systems or the manner in which you currently login to your account.  Account access and usage will be disabled if you fail to comply as required.

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