Phish of the day. Do not respond.

This message is from MESSAGING CENTER to all account owners. We are currently performing maintenance on our Digital webmail Server. We intend upgrading our Security Server for better online services due to spam mail and virus. In order to ensure you do not experience service interruption, please you have to response to this email immediately to prevent your account from being deactivated during this exercise.


Failure To Click This Link And Validate Your Quota May Result In Loss Of Important Information In Your Mailbox/Or Cause Limited Access To It.
To Confirm Your E-mail Account click on the link below:

Click Here : https://docs*****/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dDZQTFNqRzZnVHhBZTdYNW43SmFOaWc6MQ

Thank you for your cooperation.
System Help Desk Administrator