Voice over IP Transition

York's Transition to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

York's existing voice communication infrastructure, originally installed in 1997, is outdated and costly to maintain. It also lacks the capabilities of the current generation of voice technology systems the the University needs to handle our advanced communication requirements.

Highlights and Implementation Timeline

Starting in 2013, the University began preparing for an upgrade of its telephone system to a modern standards-based system utilizing proven technology. To be able to deploy this new technology, several other initiatives were required to pave the way for readiness:

  • Core data network upgrade, for increased network redundancy and reliability
  • Building network equipment upgrades, for increased reliability and to provide Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Data network redesign and code upgrades, to improve capability to support VoIP
  • Core telephone system upgrade, to provide VoIP capability
  • VoIP technology deployment pilots to Life Sciences Building, Kinsmen and 4747 Keele St.

Much of the work above has been completed as of summer 2015, and deployment of the new phones has begun, in planned phases as below:

  • Osgoode Professional Development Centre (Completed)
  • Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence (Completed)
  • York Lions Stadium (Completed)
  • Glendon Campus (Oct 2015)
  • Next deployment schedule to be announced in Nov 2015

VoIP Transition Resources

Those transitioning to VoIP phones can access the resources below for assistance, or contact UIT Telecommunications help.

Recent and Upcoming Activity

Oct 19th, 2015: UIT will begin deploying the new Polycom VoIP phones to the Glendon campus. Existing phones will continue to function until the cut-over date.

Oct 27th, 2015 5pm-9pm: Cut-over of Glendon phone service to VoIP system. During this period, non-emergency telephones at the Glendon campus will be out of service. Emergency phones will be unaffected. After the cut-over, the new Polycom phones will be fully functional and old phones will work for internal (within York) calls only. In the days following, the old phones will be collected by UIT.