Installing Apex One for Microsoft Windows

Before you begin:

1. Save all your work and close all your programs.

2. Ensure that you have administrator rights on your computer.

Next, install the agent. Please follow the instructions below.

a) Click here to download the installer file to begin the installation. By default, downloaded files are saved to your “Downloads” folder.

b) Double-click on the file agent_cloud_x64.msi.

c) The Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will display a warning screen. Click on More info to show the app and click on Run anyway

d) In the Trend Micro Security Agent install shield, click Next.

e) If the User Account Control (UAC) window comes up to install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64) – 14.13.26020" and "agent_cloud_x64.msi," click Yes


f) The installer will begin installing Apex One Agent on your computer. The process will take a few moments to complete. During the installation, you may see pop-up alerts indicating that you do not have anti-virus software installed or that your antivirus software isn’t running. These alerts are normal during installation and can be ignored.

g) When the install is complete, click Finish

h) Click Restart to complete the installation.