Installing Apex One for Mac

The process of installing the Apex One (Mac) Security Agent is similar to the installation process for other Mac software.

1. Click here to download the agent installation package

2. After the download is complete, double-click on the file This creates a new folder tmsminstall.

3. Open the tmsminstall folder and launch tmsminstall.pkg

4. When a message prompting you to continue with installation displays, click Continue

5. On the Introduction screen, click Continue to proceed.

6. Read the reminders and click Continue.

7. On the Installation Type screen, click Install.

8. Fill in the Name and Password fields to begin the installation process.

Note: Specify the name and password for an account with administrative rights on the endpoint.

9. If the installation was successful, click Close to finish the installation process.

10. The Security Agent automatically registers to the server where the agent installation package was obtained. The Security Agent also updates for the first time.