Phish Alert - //

A confirmed phish email with the subject line " //" was reported. The sender's email address was spoofed. Clicking on Review / Keep Current Password will redirect users to a fraudulent site http://yorku.caiz3gyuv2ldk9gpjabwia-iz3gyuv2ldk9gpjabwia.                           If you clicked on the link and […]

Advisory Notice - OFAC sanctions and service restrictions

University Information Technology (UIT) is advising of current and upcoming changes to York-provided services Zoom and Duo (two-factor authentication) as a result of the situation in Ukraine. These services are now or will be unavailable to individuals attempting to authenticate from several countries and regions restricted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) — a financial intelligence […]

Cyber Security Advisory - Protecting against increased cyber threats

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has resulted in an increase in global cyber threats. While there is no specific threat to York University, we would like to stress the importance of protecting your accounts, devices, and data. Protective steps include: Use multi-factor authentication with your accounts to help verify access. York’s Duo 2FA service is required […]