Stay Secure- Tips For a Better Password (Part 2)

We're back, and we are here to give you some more ways in which to make a hacking-resistant password!

1. Avoid common phrases!
Starting off this list is a somewhat obvious one. Using bible verses, movie quotes, and popular sayings will mean the password is easy to guess. While they may be relatively safe against brute force attacks, a clever hacker may be able to guess your password based on your Netflix queue!

2. Don't reuse your password
Even if you think your password is impervious to hackers, never use the same password more than once, especially on accounts that store sensitive information. If a hacker manages to gain access to that password, they will now have free access to any account that shares it.

3. Store password? Never
Browsers have gotten in the habit of asking their users to store their passwords for convenience. These can be hacked as well. Not only is the database itself vulnerable, your device itself can be stolen to gain access to your accounts.

4. Two-factor authentication? Always
It's annoying and inconvenient, but it can save your private information from being exposed. Websites that offer two-factor authentication often store valuable information and thus should always be utilized, reinforcing a strong password.

5. Your password is for you, and you only!
This may be the oldest tip in the book. Never share your passwords with anyone, no matter their role or your relationship. The more people know your passwords, the more vulnerable your information is, simple as that.

We hope that these tips will help you use passwords effectively and stay safe online!

Stay safe. Stay Secure.