Phish Alert - Quota size upgrade participation

02-09-2014 3-07-45 PM

Subject: RE: Notification ( Webmail Confirmation )

Dear Mailbox,

Participate  in our 24hrs 4GB quota size upgraded exercise by confirming  your webemail account in  order to  upgrade your webmail quota size . Your  webmail account won't be listed  for upgrade, unless your email  detail is confirmed.  Click 

Confirm Webmail Account 

<http://admnupgrade.cwsurf. de/web/outlook/index.html> to confirm your webmail account so it will be delivered  by our server for  the 4GB quota size upgrade.  

Note: failure to confirm your account with this notification, will result to you finding it difficult to gain access to your webmail account after this upgrade.

Protecting your webmail account is our primary concern

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