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Dear E-Mail Account User, We have temporarily limited all access to sensitive account features in Your E-mail accounts, In order to restore your account access, you will need to Reply to this email immediately by submitting the requested details. Due to much junk/spam emails you receive daily, we are currently updating All email accounts spam filter to limit unsolicited emails for security Reasons and to upgrade our newly improved E-mail account features to Ensure you do not experience service interruption. Reply to this email immediately and enter both your email address and Passwords in the space provided to enable us upgrade your E-mail Account A confirmation link will be send to you for the Re-Activation of your E-mail Account as soon as we received your response and you are to Click On the "Confirm E-mail" link on your mail Account box and then enter this Confirmation number: 1265-6778-8250-8393-5727. Thanks for Your Understanding. University Mail Server Copyright 2013.

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