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Information Security
Unsupported Tools

(Fast) Vulnerability Scanner

nxscan.c - Detects MS06-040, 04-011, 04-007 Vulnerabilities
Last Update: Sep 9, 2006

(was 007scan, 011scan, noxscan...)

[Sep 9, 2006] nxscan released, containing the MS06-040 vulnerability check. Sorry for the delay but this was a major code overhaul - further updates should be much easier now. Meanwhile I've also added in some requested features such as random order scanning plus OS and NETBIOS name detection.
[Aug 15, 2005] noxscan released. As usual this is working for us but standard disclaimer applies. It is still fast enough for us - It should do a class-B network in well under 10 minutes. At this time it will report a lot of inconclusives for MS05-039 and I hope to improve that soon. Meanwhile, what it reports as vulnerable seems quite reliable for us - no false positives reported.

gcc -o nxscan nxscan.c

Should compile on most UNIX platforms, tested with gcc on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris (with -lnsl -lsocket).

Usage help:
nxscan -h

Scanning a large list of IPs or IP ranges
just add them on the command line, OR:
- save list to file (one IP address or range per line)

cat  iplist | xargs nxscan > results.txt

On fast networks the default settings should work, but you may catch a few more if you increase the timeouts with -r and -c (to, say, 3000ms each) - obviously this slows down the overall scan.

Silent mode
Intended for use in self-scan or automated registration systems with vulnerability scanning. -s switch will only scan the first IP listed, with a positive return code if vulnerability detected, otherwise returns zero.

Note: although these tools work for us, they are unsupported and there is no guarantee of their performance or accuracy.

Questions may be directed to russel[at]
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[September 9, 2006]

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